The Lost Highway

I learned a long time ago that reality was much weirder than anyone's imagination. – Hunter S. Thompson

The Lost Highway is a documentary film that paints an intimate portrait of life along a remote yet colourful stretch of the Trans Canada Highway in eastern Ontario. // METHOD 09 was commissioned by the filmmakers to create the title logo and a website to expand upon the theme of their documentary film. The concept and site architecture developed is one which leads the visitor along a road with exits of interest. Each exit explores various stories and personalities through text, slideshows, video, infographics and audio clips. The side navigation buttons and arrows allow the user to jump between exit or one can simply scroll vertically to move between exit.

Launch website
  • Project: The Lost Highway
  • Client: Insurgent Projects
  • Role: Art direction + design
  • Market reach: National [Canada]
  • Medium: Digital
  • Industry: Arts / Film
  • Category: Identity / Graphics / Digital